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Coaching Conversations Podcast – The Qualities of Effective Leadership

  • Posted on Mar 26, 2020

In these uncertain times effective leadership is critical. In this episode of Coaching Conversations Margo discusses effective leadership with Shipley Coaching’s CEO, David Graff. David outlines the qualities for effective leadership, including being consistent, reliable and predictable. He also adds a fourth aspect, and then talks about growing your leadership self-awareness by being a ‘mature’


Coaching Conversations Podcast – Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

  • Posted on Mar 10, 2020

In this episode, Margo interviews professional coach Michael Bianco-Splann on the importance of emotional intelligence for leaders. They discuss tips and practices designed to develop a leaders EQ so that they can communicate with impact, resolve conflict, and build deeper connections with those around them.


Coaching Conversations Podcast – Reframing to the Positive

  • Posted on Feb 3, 2020

Do you have negative thoughts or limiting beliefs that are affecting your outlook on life?  In this episode of Coaching Conversations, Margo explores a coaching method called “reframing” that helps identify and address unhelpful, negative thoughts and replace or reframe them with more positive ones.    


Coaching Conversations Podcast – The Importance of Acknowledging Success

  • Posted on Jan 8, 2020

In this new episode of Coaching Conversations, Margo shares coaching-related success stories and discusses the importance of stopping and acknowledging our successes.  She explores why this is especially for important for high achievers, who have a tendency to blow right past their ‘wins’ and move on to the next thing. Acknowledging wins can increase confidence,


SCTP awarded ICF Accreditation

  • Posted on Dec 4, 2019

The Shipley Company is excited to announce that the Shipley Coach Training Program (SCTP) is now approved as an International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program.   The Shipley Coach Training Program (SCTP) is a step-by-step, experiential learning process that provides the skills required to become a competent and confident coach. Shipley’s “Whole Systems Model” keeps the


Coaching Conversations Podcast – Gratitude

  • Posted on Dec 2, 2019

In this week’s episode of Shipley Coaching’s “Coaching Conversations” our host Margo Myers discusses the importance of gratitude and how to cultivate it.      


Coaching Effective Communication Based on Personality Types

  • Posted on Nov 4, 2019

In this week’s episode of Shipley Coaching’s “Coaching Conversations” our host Margo Myers and her guest Dawn Jones discuss how coaches can develop effective communication skills based on different personality types.      


Generations and Personalities with Dawn Jones & Cara Lane

  • Posted on Aug 26, 2019

 Great video to reinforce the best ways to communicate with the different personalities and generations.


Three Strategies to Share Your Successes Without “Bragging”

  • Posted on Jun 21, 2019

  By Margo Myers, Shipley Performance Coach Few people want to come off as a ‘braggart.’ It can alienate people around you, make you appear insecure, and prompt a lack of trust if the claims seem outrageous. There are, however, times when we need to present ourselves as confident, accomplished and competent – whether we’re


Overcome Adversity with a Principle Based Life

  • Posted on Jun 2, 2018

Church can teach each of us to be virtuous. However, simply attending services or performing the work aligned with the church will not significantly improve society as a whole. Instead, only when each member of society fully lives life based on moral based principals will the human experience flourish. People too often compartmentalize their lives. It’s convenient having


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